Terms and Conditions

  1. Member signing the document should be at-least 18 years of age and should be competent to sign the agreement and enter into contract.
  2. The term “Member” for the purposes of this Agreement shall mean and include any individual person in whose name the Privilege Card has been issued on payment of the prescribed fee, his family member(s) close or distant, his relative(s), friend(s) and associate(s).
  3. The Term “Privilege Card” for the purposes of this Agreement shall mean a card issued or any renewals, thereof, by the authorised person of Family First to any individual person on payment of such fee as prescribed from time to time and subject to such terms and conditions as a mentioned hereunder or as may be amended from time to time by Family First.
  4. The term “Empanelled Associate(s)” for the purposes of this Agreement shall mean and include doctor (allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic or any other form of medical treatment), dietician, physiotherapist, chemist, diagnostic centre etc. which has been registered with Family First as Associate Member.
  5. You can become Member of Family First on payment of applicable fee which at present is Rs 600(Rupees Six Hundred Only) **. Upon becoming a Member, you will be issued a Privilege Card. The Privilege Card shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance. Upon the expiry of Privilege Card the same shall be renewed subject to the terms and conditions and upon payment of such renewal fee as may be decided by Family First.
  6. Member shall be required to carry the Privilege Card whenever, visiting the Empanelled Associate(s) of Family First to avail the discounts for being a Member of Family First.
  7. In case any person other than the person in whose name Privilege Card (card-holder) has been issued wishes to avail the benefits of Privilege Card, the card-holder shall be required to notify the Empanelled Associate(s) details of the visiting person, in the absence of which Empanelled Associate shall have the right to refuse the services/discounts available under Privilege Card.
  8. Member agree and understand that the terms and conditions of the privilege card shall be equally and unequivocally valid and binding on the cardholder as well as the person using his Privilege Card.
  9. Member agree that the purpose of Family First is to provide access to various medical services in a cost effective manner, to the public through its Empanelled Associate(s). As a Member of Family First you will be entitled to avail any medical services through the Empanelled Associate(s) at a discounted fee/price on the normal consultation fee/price charged by the Empanelled Associate(s). Member agree and understand that by becoming Member of Family First it is only entitled to concessional fee/discount and is not entitled to any further waivers. It is further clarified, that, if, a Member is already availing any discounts/waivers from the Empanelled Associate(s) under some other scheme or offer prior to availing benefit of Family First membership, the Member shall not be entitled to any further discounts/waivers given under Family First Privilege Card over and above the already availed discounts/waivers/benefits of the already prevailing scheme.
  10. In the event of death of the Member in whose name Privilege Card is being issued, the legal heir(s) of the Member shall immediately intimate Family First and shall have the Privilege Card transferred in the name of any one of the legal heir(s) of the deceased Member, however, rest of the benefits under the Privilege Card shall remain same.
  11. Member is entitled to avail discounted services through any Empanelled Associate(s) across India.
  12. To avail any discount/concession under the Privilege Card, Member shall be under an obligation to carry and produce the Privilege Card while visiting the Empanelled Associate(s). In the absence of Member not carrying and producing the card while availing services of the Empanelled Associate(s), the Empanelled Associate(s) shall have the right to refuse the discounts/concessions, or any other benefits/services under Privilege Card/as may be offered under the Privilege Card and to which the Member shall have no right to raise any objection. Similarly, if the Member fails to intimate the Empanelled Associate(s) about any visitor through his Privilege Card other than the family member(s), the Empanelled Associate(s) shall have the right to refuse any discounts/concessions.
  13. Member agree and understand that while it will get the benefit of priority on visit to any Empanelled Associate(s) of Family First, however, the member shall not ask of priority services through the Empanelled Associate as a matter of right.
  14. Any minor’s visit to any Empanelled Associate(s) of Family First shall be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian.
  15. Payment of membership fee does not entail that there will be no other charges, for the treatment, payable by the Member to the Empanelled Associate(s). The Member shall be under an obligation to make all payments related to the consultation charges, charges for any medical tests and such other expenses related to the treatment directly to the Empanelled Associate(s), whose services are being availed by the Member, though at a discounted rate.
  16. Any Member /any person availing benefit of Privilege Card agree to disclose any disease which he/she might be suffering from, any sensitivity/allergy to any medicine, while seeking any medical services under the Privilege Card, in order to ensure best medical benefits. In the event of such suppression of facts neither the doctor nor any employee nor any technician nor any assistant shall be held liable for any loss, claim or damage caused thereof to the Member or any of his/her family members.
  17. Any Member who is a Privilege Card holder shall be responsible for safety and security of the card as same is property of Family First. Member shall be solely responsible for any misuse, loss, damage, theft etc. of the Privilege Card. Further, Member agree to keep Family First and it’s Empanelled Associate(s), their employees, agents etc. fully indemnified against any loss, claim or damage that may be caused due to such misuse, loss, damage, theft of the Privilege Card.
  18. In the event of any misrepresentation, misconduct, suppression of any material facts, non-payment of any fee/charges in part or in full to any Empanelled Associate(s) by the Member, non-compliance of any terms and conditions of the Membership, Family First has the sole discretion to cancel/revoke/suspend the Privilege Card. Upon such cancellation/suspension or revocation the Privilege Card cannot be used either by the person in whose name the Privilege Card has been issued or by anyone else related to him and as more particularly defined above in the definition of Member. Further upon such cancellation/revocation/suspension of the Privilege Card, Member shall be required to submit it back to Family First, which can either be retained or destroyed by Family First in the manner as it may deem fit.
  19. If any Member during it’s valid and existing Membership is denied of any discounts the same shall be immediately notified to Family First. However, the Member acknowledge that discount will vary from one Empanelled Associate(s) to another Empanelled Associate(s) and that the Member must check discounts granted before visiting any Empanelled Associate.
  20. In the event of any grievance against any Empanelled Associate(s) as regard any services being provided, any treatment being given or any goods being purchased .Member shall approach Family First at 93135 33339 or email us at within 7 days of such treatment being given and such goods being purchased to the panel of doctors/industry people, for resolution. The decision of such panel shall be final and binding on both the Parties. Thereafter, Family First shall be free to take such action as it may deem fit, proper and necessary against the Empanelled Associate(s). However, in no event, Family First shall be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage whether direct or consequential that maybe cause due to any treatment, diagnosis, tests, check-up etc.
  21. Member understand that Family First does not play any role in deciding fee of any Empanelled Associate(s) , and that Family First is an initiative to provide preventive healthcare to the public at large in a cost effective manner.
  22. Member shall be under an obligation to make the payments without default to the Empanelled Associate(s), irrespective, whether the Member has availed any insurance or not and whether the payment has been received from such insurance or not.
  23. Member is requested to check the list of the Empanelled Associate(s) on website, before planning any visit and thereby book a prior appointment with the concerned Empanelled Associate(s) directly at the contact number available at the website of Family First. Neither Family First, nor any of its director(s), employee(s), agent(s), and representative(s) shall be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage caused due to non-availability of any Empanelled Associate(s) or any services through the Empanelled Associate(s).
  24. Member understand that it is entitled to avail the services under Privilege Card only at business address of the Empanelled Associate(s) as registered with Family First and at no other place.
  25. Membership of Family First is only for the benefit of the Member holding the Privilege Card.
  26. In the event of any cancellation, suspension, termination; non-usage of Privilege Card, Member shall not be entitled for any refunds whether in part or in full
  27. Any change in the address, contact details etc. shall be immediately notified in writing at
  28. While Family First understand and appreciate Member’s right of confidentiality, Member hereby gives, Family First right to use the information related to any Member including pictures, treatment given, results thereof, tests conducted etc. in promoting, marketing and advertising Family First in any manner as it may deem fit and proper and that the Member shall not raise any objection regard use of any such information. It is also agreed by the Member that no further approval shall be required in this regard.
  29. Member may be required by the Empanelled Associate(s) to sign such other document/s as may be necessary for carrying the medical tests/provide any further treatment/give the reports as may be required to which Family First shall never be a party. Accordingly, neither Family First, nor its agent(s), nor its employee(s) nor it’s director(s) shall be held responsible in any manner whatsoever, regard the results and treatment decided/services provided thereupon by any Empanelled Associate(s), as the services provided are personal in nature.
  30. Member is required to confirm the consultation charges, test charges, cost of medicines, cost of medical treatment before- hand with the Empanelled Associate(s), directly and that neither Family First as an organisation, nor it’s employee(s), it’s director(s),r it’s agent(s) shall be held responsible for the charges paid/cost incurred for the medical treatment or any services availed by any Member under the Privilege Card.
  31. Member is required to make its own free independent decision regard any Empanelled Associate(s) before availing any services under the Privilege Card.
  32. Member can share their valuable feedback at Website
  33. Member agree that Family First reserves the right to retain/remove any Empanelled Associate(s) from the empanelment, without any notice or prior intimation to any Member and that the Member shall check the list of the Empanelled Associate(s) on Website before any visit to any Empanelled Associate(s) .
  34. However, in the event of any dispute or difference arising as to the interpretation or construction of terms and condition s of membership or any matter connected there with such dispute or difference shall be referred to Sole Arbitrator to be appointed by Family First, and that such Sole Arbitrator shall be a Senior Doctor with at least 15 years of experience and who has dealt with medico-legal cases. The decision of such an arbitrator shall be final and binding. The Venue of Arbitration shall be Delhi and language of arbitration shall be English. The said arbitration shall be held under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.
  35. All disputes and or issues arising under this Agreement shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Courts.

** The fee is subject to change without any prior notice. Therefore, please confirm fee from the office of Family First before availing membership.

**Family First reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Membership without any notice.